Certified Dental Assistant

Certified Dental Assistant

Program Description

AM Training Institute’s 12-week Dental Assisting Program comprises of 161
total course clock hours:
· 24 lecture hours
· 72 laboratory hours +including 5 hours obtaining CPR Certification
· 20 hours of patient clinical training
· 40 hours of externship with a local practicing dentist
· 5 hours obtaining CPR Certification
Each lab class period is 3 hours in length and meets Tuesday and Thursday
evenings, or all day Saturday for 72 hours of total laboratory sessions.
Lectures, laboratory sessions, and clinical shadowing training are followed by
two weeks of externship at the end of the program. Patient clinicals are when
students work directly with patients during scheduled clinic hours. Classes are
taught as shown in the course outline and the prerequisite for each class is
the completion of the previous class. Saturday class students are given two
15-minute breaks and one hour for lunch. One (1) class hour is equal to fifty
(50) minutes.
Students are required to wear appropriate clinical dental attire, which
includes scrubs, safety glasses, gloves, and masks, all of which will be
provided and are included in the program tuition. All students must wear
long hair pulled back and clean closed toe shoes, no visible tattoos or
piercings (other than earrings). Our policy is set up to ensure that students
get accustomed to the professional environment of working in a dental

Program Entry Requirements

Tuition Cost: $4,200 (Without CPR)

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