5 Reasons We Love Being A Certified Nursing Aide

  1. Flexible hours and having weekends & holidays off: There is no point in having a high-paying job if you don’t have time to spend that hard-earned money. As a Certified Nursing Aide, you’ll enjoy traveling, spending weekends, evenings and holidays with your friends and family.
  2. Great pay: Working as a Certified Nursing Aide, you’ll be able to buy yourself a new car and even become a homeowner. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median Certified Nursing Aide income in Iowa is $32,440 and rising.
  3. Growth opportunities: There are a lot of opportunities to grow both financially and professionally in the CNA field.
  4. Working in a friendly and fun environment: It’s extremely rare to meet a Certified Nursing Aide that doesn’t like their job. Medical offices are full of good humor, co-workers are usually great friends, and essentially everyone loves their job.
  5. Helping People: People are sometimes scared to go to the doctor, and you’ll be able to make their visit more comfortable. It’s very rewarding to help people feel more confident about their smile.

AM Training Institute’s program provides you with everything you need to become a Certified Nursing Aide in just 2 weeks, and start loving your job.

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Our graduation rate is 98% for the CNA program at AM Training Institute.
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