3 Secrets To Becoming A Certified Nursing Aide In Less Than 3 Weeks

  1. It doesn’t take a college degree or some sort of medical school to be a Certified Nursing Aide. You can complete your Certified Nursing Aide training in less than 1 month.
  2. You will receive all of the certificates you need to work as a Certified Nursing Aide in our 2 week program.
  3. We have a high graduation rate and a 99% job placement rate, which basically means that all our students begin working in a doctor’s office in a matter of days after finishing the program.

Bonus: Our classes are hands-on and fun. Our program is inexpensive and we have affordable financial options.

Now that you know these secrets, YOU could be working as a Certified Nursing Aide in less than 1 month too.Reserve a spot in the next class by clicking here.

Cost & Payment Options

Next Dental Assisting Class Starts Soon

Our graduation rate is 98% for the CNA program at AM Training Institute.
As we have not yet started the Dental Assisting Program, there are no graduation rates available at this time.

Classes are filling up quickly.

Our Mission Statement

To equip health care professionals with the right skills and experience hence making them successful in acquiring employment and practicing their expertise to the patients.